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Building a successful website is always a team effort, and NetPilot Web Solutions was thrilled to join forces with staff at the El Dorado Hills Chamber to produce a compressive, modern website for the Chamber. Building on our 15-year relationship, NetPilot was tasked with redesigning and modernizing the previous Chamber website, also a NetPilot product. The entire process from concept to launch took approximately a year, with lots of opportunity for approvals and refinement along the way. Together with the detail-oriented staff at the Chamber, the project’s success was heavily dependent on NetPilot’s Creative Director, Marla Meredith. A veteran web designer for over 20 years, Marla accurately brought the Chamber’s vision to life. All of us at NetPilot are especially proud of the new site’s user friendliness, mobile adaptations (called “responsive design”), interactivity, and presentation of community-oriented imagery. The El Dorado Hills business community is incredibly vibrant, and we wanted to be sure that the new site reflected that. We love the community in which we live and work. It was a privilege to be involved in such an important project and a vital resource for our local businesses.

John Merry

I have been impressed with the EDH Chamber from the get-go when I attended my first event. I have enjoyed watching it grow, and very much appreciate the opportunities offered to businesses of all sizes. It has proven to be innovative and progressive, yet keeps the community concerns in mind.

Cathey Cort

Hands4Hope loves the El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce! The Chamber has been an invaluable part of our growth and development in the community, helping us connect with local businesses, promote our programs and events, and advocating for us whenever possible.

Thank you for all you do!!

Jennifer Bassett, Founder/Executive Director

Thank you for your and the EDH Chamber’s assistance in engaging Senator Ted Gaines’ office to help expedite the processing of our California Multiple Awards Contract (CMAS) with the State of California on June 19, 2013.

Prior to your involvement, we had been waiting almost four months for the
Department of General Services to complete their review of our application and the approval of our CMAS. (In our 25+ years of doing business with the State, this has never taken more than 45 days.) Moreover, this also meant that we were unable to respond to any business opportunities that might have come up during this review period, and we did miss out on several.

With your help, not only did we finally we get a response from DGS that they would begin reviewing our application, but they ultimately expedited the review so that on July 5th, just over two weeks from our initial discussions, we received our fully approved CMAS agreement, which will carry us through to mid-2017.

I can’t thank you enough for your help and greatly appreciate what you were able
to accomplish in such a short period of time. I am very grateful and would
encourage any business to consider the unprecedented benefits that the El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce can not only offer, but actually provide to its members!

Gordon Helm, President

As I am planning/tweaking my business model for the next 5-6 years (somewhat of a year-end annual ritual) – I realize that I no longer need to carry workers compensation – I am, and will be, THE employee/owner – handling 95% of the work on an ongoing basis. So – I go to cancel my policy – but oh, no can do because it automatically renewed on November 1st and I was trying to cancel on November 12, the same day the invoice came to my office. Pay the full policy amount or off to collections this will go. What – me – NEVER. It wasn’t even the money as much as the principle. Why pay for something you do not need? But – what do I do?

I immediately called the El Dorado Hills Chamber and spoke to Debbie Manning. After explaining the situation – she put me in touch with Senator Gaines office – right there at Town Center. I spoke to their wonderful associate Monico – who took down my information and began checking into the situation. Three days later – I get a call from a supervisor from the “insurance company” – who tells me that indeed – these situations should be looked at on a case by case basis and that they will cancel my policy as of November 1 and I will be getting a full refund.

I got to tell you – this is one of the many things that the Chamber is here for – helping small businesses work through solutions. Thank you EDH Chamber and thank you to Monico in Senator Gaines’ office in Town Center.”

Mary Carrera

Tutoring Rocks joined The El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce with a major purpose in mind: to become more active in the community and to find ways to give back. Little did we know at the time that we would never be capable of giving back to El Dorado Hills nearly in the same way that the Chamber has eagerly poured out on us. We know from first-hand experience that the El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce is laser focused when it comes to helping businesses with their individual needs. From offering creative ideas and help with tough business obstacles to getting you deeply rooted in the fabric of this beautiful community, the Commerce has demonstrated that it cares about local business and it’s here to help. Much love to the team from the Tutoring Rocks family.

Chris Koch

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